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Seamlessly source and integrate secondary raw materials into your supply chain

Digital Order Management

Streamline the entire order process, from order placement to fulfillment, ensuring better efficiency and customer satisfaction

Contract Management

Organize, track, and manage contracts throughout their life cycle, from creation to termination, ensuring compliance and effective negotiation

Payment Services

Facilitate seamless payment transactions with integrated payment processing solutions, making it easier for businesses to manage invoices and billing

RFQ (Request for Quotation) Management

Leverage data-driven insights to make better procurement decisions, optimize costs, and improve supplier relationships

Procurement Data Analytics

Evaluate potential risks and disruptions in the delivery process to minimize the impact on the supply chain and ensure timely delivery

Delivery Risk Assessment

Manage contracts and agreements related to future transactions to hedge against price fluctuations and supply-demand imbalances

Contract Fixation over Futures

Get comprehensive information about new suppliers to make informed decisions, evaluate their performance, and maintain a reliable supplier network.

Overview of New Suppliers

Simplify and automate the process of requesting and comparing quotes from multiple suppliers, ensuring the best value for your procurement needs

Price Benchmarking

Monitor and control inventory levels, optimize storage space, and use forecasting algorithms to predict future demand and avoid stockouts or overstocking

Inventory Management & Forecasting

Compare internal pricing data with external sources to ensure competitive pricing and evaluate the effectiveness of procurement strategies

Maximize Procurement Efficiency in Secondary Raw Material Supply Chains

Discover the power of our game-changing solutions designed to streamline procurement and optimize secondary raw material management in supply chains. Experience unparalleled efficiency, reduced costs, and enhanced sustainability with our cutting-edge tools and data-driven insights tailored for modern businesses.

Tackling Key Pain Points in the Secondary Raw Materials Industry

Inaccurate Forecasting and Inventory Management

Waste Managers face delays and inventory overflow due to inaccurate forecasting, resulting in unmet volume expectations and inefficient order fulfillment for Waste Traders.

Limited Visibility and Access to Market Information

Waste Managers and Waste Traders face limited visibility on market prices, comparables, and partners, resulting in lower margins and restricted market access.

Fragmented and Regionally Restricted Supply Markets

Procurement of secondary raw materials is fragmented and regionally restricted, limiting supplier and partner options for Waste Managers, Waste Traders, and Recyclers.

Volatility in Prices and Supply Stability

Price and supply volatility hinder secondary raw material appeal and margins for Waste Managers, Waste Traders, and Recyclers, also affecting OEMs' willingness to use them

Inefficient and Manual Contract Management

Contract management between Waste Managers and Waste Traders is often manual and not digitized, leading to inefficiencies and potential risks in the supply chain

Optimize relationships and enhance performance with existing suppliers

Strengthen your connections with existing suppliers by leveraging our innovative platform to monitor performance, collaborate effectively, and drive continuous improvement. Harness the power of data-driven insights to optimize procurement processes, reduce costs, and foster mutually beneficial long-term relationships with your suppliers

Discover, onboard, and evaluate new suppliers with ease

Easily discover, onboard, and assess new suppliers with our platform. Streamline partner identification, integration, and performance evaluation. Expand your network and foster productive relationships with diverse suppliers to unlock your supply chain’s full potential

Drive cost savings and reduce waste through in-depth material analytics

Utilize our platform’s powerful material analytics to drive cost savings and reduce waste throughout your supply chain. Gain valuable insights into material consumption patterns, identify opportunities for improvement, and implement effective strategies to minimize waste, enhance efficiency, and promote sustainable business practices

Democratizing Secondary Raw Material

Embrace Sustainability in Your Supply Chain with Our Innovative Platform, for better, cheaper, faster, in every possible way

More efficient
in every possible way

For our planet, our shared resources, and the success of both our businesses and yours, we strive to create a sustainable future. Our comprehensive digital platform is designed to support environmentally responsible practices, driving positive change in supply chain management and creating lasting value for generations to come.

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higher recycling rate - ContainerGrid optimizes the fulfillment process of secondary raw materials, increasing the industry-wide recycling rate by up to 10%

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tons less primary raw materials - ContainerGrid reduces the use of primary raw materials in steel production by 1.4 tons for every recycled ton of steel scrap

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papers saved each year through ContainerGrid's digital transformation, saving 300 trees per year

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energy savings - ContainerGrid promotes the recycling of steel scrap, saving 72% of energy compared to production with primary raw materials

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less CO2 emissions - ContainerGrid's improvements in route planning reduce CO2 emissions from transportation by up to 15%

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